Sync Inventory Across All Your Stores

- 5 Minute Setup with Shiptheory

               Make your business 50% more efficient by automatically syncing inventory between your online stores.                      Scroll down to see a step-by-step guide on how to enable inventory in your Shiptheory account!

5 Minute Setup - quick and easy syncing for your Shiptheory connected channels

1 Place To Manage Everything - manage all your stock from a single location

Real-Time Updates - sync all your stock automatically, so you never oversell again

" It's done everything we wanted in a centralised inventory system. We’ve removed manual processes and second guessing completely - it has transformed the way we work."

Paul Conway, Director of Operations @ Nite Watches

How Nite Watches sync stock across 3 Shopify stores in seconds

Nite Watches ship stylish and durable Tritium-powered watches around the world, with Shopify stores for their UK, US and UAE businesses.

Thanks to Shiptheory, manually allocating stock to their individual stores is a thing of the past. Learn how we eradicated their manual processes here.

Here’s how a 5 minute setup can save you
hours every day

Head over to ‘Products’, then ‘Manage Warehouses’’ from the Shiptheory sidebar. Click ‘Add New Warehouse’ to get started!

Choose your stock locations

Add a location and start to link your stock locations. You can currently sync stock from:

  • Shopify

  • WooCommerce

  • Amazon

Learn what info is syncing

Clicking the arrows next to your stock location will go into more detail about the behaviour of your inventory syncing. Add as many stock locations as you need.

Select your master location

Select one of your locations to be your master location, for manual syncs. Once you’ve selected a location, click save and then synchronise your inventory across all of your stores.

From now on, they’ll synchronise automatically when your stock count changes in yout stores. It’s that simple!

Why Shiptheory?

There’s plenty of inventory software out there - here’s why we’re different.

No Contracts - most inventory solutions lock you in - you can cancel any time with Shiptheory

You’re Already Connected - no new software or accounts - do it all in your existing Shiptheory account

One Stop Shop - inventory, shipping automation, returns, handwritten’s all in one place

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